Tuesday, October 12, 2010

06/52 Jason Olexa

Down to the wire again, the name of the game this week is quick and dirty. And Earthquake.

So without going into too much boring detail, I've been spending the past several weeks splitting my time between a full time bar gig and an almost-full-time studio gig. Excuses? I have none. Only photos. Hastily made, shot-while-publicly-drinking photos.

Jason Olexa is a Chicago-based breakcore and chiptune producer and DJ. If he could, he'd be partying with Tokyo speedcore legends and tour managing for Three 6 Mafia. Many a legendary party has gone down at his humble abode, Castle Tacoskull, and always with Jason (a.k.a. DJ Tacopunch) at the helm and the decks. Ever been to a party where no one is dancing? That's only because Jason isn't DJing there.

This shoot was arranged last minute (read: over lunch immediately beforehand). We decided to use Jason's favorite summer-time leisure activity, hanging out in Millennium Park, people watching, and drinking really cheap hard cider enjoying a tasty non-alcoholic beverage. After the week I had, I relished the chance to spend more time hanging out than shooting, versus the other way around.

As we shot at 2:00 pm, the shoot was highly dependent on natural light. I originally positioned Jason in the shade, but as light moved quickly we didn't follow suit. David Hobby has taught me that in situations like this the sun makes a great edge. I decided to use it as a cross light instead, and broke out the westcott umbrella in the middle of the park. Here's a look at what I was working with ambient-wise.

This shoot was unique in that it is my first of the series that I've done now that i DON'T OWN A CAMERA. It's scary, I'll admit. I loved my D300 (it's in very capable and lovely hands). But new and exciting things are in the works, and I borrowed my roommates' D80 (formerly my own) for this shoot. I threw on my 35mm f/1.8, grabbed a single light stand, two sb800s, and hit the road. Flashes were triggered by the on board infrared controller.

Could I have been better at managing the speculars in Jason's glasses? Yes. Could I have been more creative with my lighting setup, or made better use of our surroundings? Probably. All of these issues become minimized when you have your camera in one hand, a beer in the other, and good company to chat with. All told, I'm happy with the results, consisting of the photos and the experience to go along with it. Here are some outtakes:

On the last one, I added a second light back camera left. I threw a Honl gridspot on it and used it as a bit of an edge. It was a pretty sloppy experiment, and I'm happier with my results from just the single light. I did the whole shoot

Strobist Info:
SB-800 through umbrella, camera left

Camera Settings:
1/200 f/8.0 at ISO 100
Nikon 35mm f/1.8

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