Tuesday, October 19, 2010

07/52 Wendy Alas

Hustling hard at two jobs recently has left me with very little time to plan and execute these shoots. Lucky for me however I have a\ model at my disposal pretty much all the time, and it just so happens that fall is the perfect time to let her natural light shine.

For this week I did a shoot I've been planning for a while. Once again a flex Sunday has turned into procrastinate Sunday. Slacker Sunday, if you will. Regardless, this was another last minute shoot i feel turned out well, and as I had planned it.

More or less this entire blog is written in the eternal present tense. The internet is eternally frozen, littered with abandoned Myspace pages, blogs, and the like. Derelict fragments of moments past. As fascinating as that can sometimes be to the passing observer, sometimes its best to use our benefit of hindsight and groom the hedges of history. Not because we wish to revise history, but because we wish to share the insight history has granted us. It's also important to know where we've been so as to keep a steady sight on where we're going. My relationship with Wendy has come and gone, and I'm grateful for all the things I've learned from that experience. Like all the events of my past, I wouldn't be who I am today without this experience.

As for the shoot, my goal was to light Wendy in the way that Wendy lights. Natural light. That's right kids, no strobes this week. This is a personal strobist quest, but the rules clearly state that each photo "must be lit in some way." In this case, I made use of a large reflector I just picked up. Fall is also the perfect time to shoot Wendy, and sunset in logan square on a chilly Sunday seemed perfect. Here's a setup shot:

When we got on location we were losing light fast. I had hoped to use the white side of the reflector, but because of the scant amount of incident light I had to use the silver side. Pretty straight forward. Wendy suggested including an element of photography in her shoot, and I quickly improvised by shooting her assisting me shooting her. I was very close to using this picture as the official selection. It would have also provided my setup shot and ambient light exposure. Go figure.

Strobist Info:
silver reflector, low camera right

Camera Settings:
1/500 f/1.8 at ISO 200
Nikon 35mm f/1.8

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